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Unlike other suppliers of hearing loops, Hearing Looping Systems is a one-stop, end-to-end solution to loop your home. All you have to do is contact us with a single phone call or email. We’ll do everything else.

Our expert installers will visit your home and provide you with a home loop that meets your needs…and your budget. We know every installation is different because every room is different.. Some loops, for instance, are installed around a room’s edge under the carpets and over the doorways. The best option for other homes is to drop the wires to the basement below and use a staple gun to encircle the TV room from the basement ceiling. Still another option is to inconspicuously attach the loop to the top of the baseboard.

Similarly, larger entertainment rooms require larger transmitters. Our experts install a device that’s the perfect size for your entertainment area.

We even offer the simplest "loop" of all: a loop contained in a thin pad that slips under the cushion of your favorite chair. Just attach the connecting wire to the amplifier to hear the TV better than you have in years!

Besides offering a “one-stop” solution to looping your home, Hearing Looping Systems also offers another advantage. We work with the best audiologists in Chicago.

We often draw on their expertise to design the optimal solution for correcting your unique hearing loss in your unique home.

A single phone call, the best qualified installers, and the best audiologists to back them up. That’s the Hearing Looping Systems difference!

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