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Sound with Hearing Looping Systems

Unlike other suppliers of hearing loops, Hearing Looping Systems is a one-stop, end-to-end solution to loop your home.
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Hearing Looping Systems can easily and inexpensively give you crystal clear hearing where it matters your own home!

Imagine your home filled with crystal clear:

TV/Home Entertainment


Smoke Alarm

Baby Sounds

Now you can hear all the sounds of your home, at a normal volume, even better than the other members of your family!

Best of all, you can do it wirelessly, for little cost, using the hearing aids you already wear! There’s no embarrassing headgear. No one else knows!

The solution is a "home loop," a simple wire around your entertainment room, or even chair cushion, that receives the signal from your TV or other device and delivers directly into your hearing aid. The sound comes straight from the source to your ear! There’s no background noise, no echo, just a perfectly clean, incredibly rich sound that’s been customized for your eyes by your hearing device. Your hearing aids are transformed into your own personal loudspeakers!

Just how much will a loop transform your hearing? Here’s video of a 9-year-old girl hearing a TV for the first time using a loop:
And this video lets you hear for yourself the difference a loop makes in another setting a church:

No more turning up the volume on your TV or stereo, or missing that telephone call, or perhaps even smoke alarm!

Just a single phone call to Hearing Looping Systems will turn your home into a “looped home.” We’ll take it from there by determining your specific needs, by expertly installing the most appropriate equipment, and by showing you how simple it is to use. The entire package costs just a few hundred dollars. it’ll bethe best spent investment of your life…because it will transform your life!

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