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Hearing "Loops" are already in thousands of public locations worldwide to provide the hearing impaired with crystal clear hearing:






Sports Stadiums

Ticket Booths

Stores, Banks and More

Loops have even been installed around all 488 ticket booths of New York’s noisy subway system.

In the Chicago area the, Marriott Lincolnshire Theatre, Landmark Cinemas in Highland Park, Art Institute of Chicago, many McDonalds Drive-Thrus, and hundreds of other locations are also looped.

To see how it eliminates all the subway uproar, watch this video:

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How it Works

A loop is simply an electrified wire that circles a room, auditorium, theatre, place of worship, airport or any other public space. The loop transfers sound directly and wirelessly to a user’s existing hearing aid. Because the technology eliminates distance from a sound, and ambient noises, those with hearing aids in many cases have better hearing than those without them.

Transmitting Device

The looped circuit starts right at your TV set or other device. The "audio out" of your TV, for instance, is attached a small transmitting device.

Wire Loop

The transmitting device converts the TV’s sound to a magnetic signal then transmits that signal to the wire loop surrounding your entertainment room, or even single chair. The final arrangement in your media room.


The hearing aid user just presses a switch to activate a component called the "T-coil" present in most hearing devices.

The resulting sound is so crisp, clear, and rich that when many users cry when they hear "looped" sounds for the first time.

As looping has become more popular, more and more hearing aids have included “T-coils.” (They act as antennae to pick up the looped signal). Currently about 80% of all new hearing aids contain T-coils.

Hearing loops work with any manufacturer’s hearing aids. They also work with most cochlear implants.

As one audiologist put it when discussing looping:

Never in my audiology career has something so simple helped so many people at so little cost."

Now the looping revolution is ready to help even more people…by transforming your life in your own home.